From linear to circular and sustainable

Transforming a linear and finite system, from mining, production, consuming and waste, into an infinite loop by reuse of waste streams and biomass to recyclable materials, renewable energy, biofuels and growing food.

Maybe you are already working on it, or thinking about how to put this into practice.

Experiences, approach and what we do

IQS4 has more than thirty years of experience with engineering, projects, innovation and maintenance in machinery, process industry, recycling, food production, waste and biomass to energy.

Based on a clear analysis and possible solutions, business justification and feasible plan, we can work together to achieve your goals and a livable planet.

Business case and project development
Coordination and project management
Partner search and set up partnerships
Technology and vendor selection
Tenders and requests for proposal
System design and basic engineering

IQS4 References

My name is Hans Camstra

From a shared vision and hands-on approach, anticipating on developments throughout the chain. I’m an experienced professional and highly motivated to support development and execution of your ideas and plans.
If you have a question, proposal or suggestion, please let me know!

Technical, commercial and organizational
International, multidisciplinary and industrial
Dedicated network with experts and partners

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Hans Camstra

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